Communication industry plays a key role in growth of economy as it facilitates efficiency and growth across the country. Development in Communication industry is a determining factor for economy, social and cultural development of the country.

Due to high growth rate the Communication industry has become back-bone of Pakistan’s economy. It is providing many employment and investment opportunities due to high revenues generated via huge number of users of Communication sector. Along with opportunities, this industry also provides vast facilities to communicate and connect globally in better, reliable and modern manner. Today IT sector of Pakistan is proving to be the most essential sector among all and thus it needs to cope up with the rapid technological advancement in communication field internationally.

IEEE ComSoc Lahore thus envisions to become a key organization for bringing in the most advanced techniques and technologies in the field of communication. This it plans to do by encouraging new students to explore and become part of telecommunication and IT industry of Pakistan. This will improve implementation of modern knowledge in this field.

Communication is a vast industry .It includes many sub-fields like cellular services, Internet access, radio, television and data access. The hot topics and recent developments in the field of communication are 5g, fiber everywhere, cognitive networks, big data, connectivity for iot, cyber security, green communications etc. We are passionate to expose our youth to these and many more hot topics by providing them up to date knowledge through top level international experts in the field.


Working upon strengthening the mission of IEEE communication society to foster the exchange of information among its members and promote advancement of science, technology and applications in communications and related disciplines, IEEE ComSoc Lahore has proudly organized several successful events including seminars, symposiums, and technical talks. Technical visits and a summer school. All these events witnessed high attendance of enthusiastic students and were highly praised and appreciated by the participants.

This year IEEE ComSoc society Lahore chapter is proudly announcing its second summer school in collaboration with the two prestigious institutes FAST NU Lahore and UET Lahore. Our first summer school held in 2016 was a huge success with four days of numerous immensely informative technical talks by international speakers and attended by 35 Msc and Phd students from different universities.


Through this summer school we are planning to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide a platform for the students to get in touch with top level experts in the field and to network with one another.
  2. To inform students about the latest trend in communication field and to provide them valuable knowledge.