It’s a Win-Win
Sponsoring an IEEE COMSOC Summer School event provides you the unique opportunity to connect with the IEEE community, to show your company’s support of important fields: the technology and sciences!
Each event reaches a different key audience segment and provides high quality knowledge.

General Benefits
• Get in touch with more than 5,000 young engineering students from all Pakistan with a high potential and a wide range of technical knowledge and soft skills, hard to find in the academic education.
• Advertise and become a renowned company/organization inside IEEE, the world’s largest professional association.
• Participate in an international event where young students from more than 100 universities meet together
• Appear in science and technology media (IEEE R10 News)
• Appear in international Magazines like: MORE, Teletime international, Asian Telegraph, IEEE COMSOC Magazine, Dawn, Jang and 6 more national newspapers.

Strengthen bonds with other companies and collaborating organisms through the activities scheduled in the event

Sponsorship Categories:

1.Diamond sponsor 2.Gold sponsor 3.Silver sponsor 4.Bronze sponsor



Diamond sponsor Gold sponsor Silver sponsor Bronze sponsor

Company’s name and logo in the

Event website
IEEE COMSOC first page website
  Article about the company/ organization in the Superior SB website 1 page Half Page  Mentioned in the sponsors section Mentioned in the sponsors section
  Event newsletter
Company’s logo in the event’s poster, flyers and brochures  


event’s banner      
organizing committee’s t-shirts      
organizing committee’s and attendees badges    
Distribution of company leaflets to the attendees      
Company’s posters at the entrance of the seminar room  


Company’s stand    
Include the company’s name in event’s report published in IEEE R10 News  which is red by more than 450,000 IEEE members in region 10      
Price 300,000 200,000 100,000 50,000